The Spanish land

My image of northern Spain consisted of a combination of hills, dry, sunny and hot. To be fair, I knew it could also be quite spooky on the north coast in August, but I didn’t want that and I didn’t imagine much more. Now here, the landscape and weather turn out to be hugely varied. The Spanish land


We sit in the lobby of the boat waiting to be disembarked and muse for a while about our Norwegian adventure. It’s strange that other cyclists we meet seem to have had much less rain than us, until we consider that they have been cycling much faster (and/or electric) and have done a lap around Norway

Serbia; first introduction

Maybe it’s that spring is now really dawning in the Balkans, but to us it seems like Serbia is just a little greener again than northern Macedonia. The country also seems a bit better cared for again. Much less rubbish on the roadside than in the three previous countries. Nevertheless, we are unpleasantly surprised to Serbia; first introduction