We did not know them yet, but in Sweden and Norway we were introduced to them. They are even smaller than a pinhead and they don’t sting, no they bite! According to sources, they have a jaw that causes a wide wound. Very irritating all round! The first time we seriously had a lot of Knut


Or: an accident never comes alone. We were so looking forward to just trekking again, this time through the Swedish countryside. The two stages to Uppsala were rolling in all respects: low hills that are easy to cycle up and roll off for a long time without pedalling. Fields that follow the curves of forests, Murphy


Is one of the categories we anticipated when preparing for blogging. After 2.5 months of cycling, we haven’t had cause to use it. Spain and Portugal have been unusually hot, and in Italy it rains exceptionally hard, but we have had very moderate conditions. It has not been unusually hot, dry or wet. The rivers Climate