Elk trails

After Hamar (Vikinskipet roof seen in the distance), we have to go up. First a tough climb above the valley, along the mountain, via a plateau and then down to Dokka. 1123 altitude metres, we hadn’t done that many in 1 day before! It helped that it was raining that afternoon so we preferred to Elk trails


Or: an accident never comes alone. We were so looking forward to just trekking again, this time through the Swedish countryside. The two stages to Uppsala were rolling in all respects: low hills that are easy to cycle up and roll off for a long time without pedalling. Fields that follow the curves of forests, Murphy


In one day we cycled from Nynäshamn to Stockholm. We are clearly in a richer country: at a cosy café a club of several dozen(!) Ford Mustang enthusiasts has gathered, a little further on we cycle across a golf course and again a little further on there is an equestrian event going on. All things Stockholm