Home sweet home

And then ‘suddenly’ we were back home. However long the journey took and however aware we were of it, it was still ‘suddenly’ a different world. Transferring in Paris was chilly, all the rugby supporters were chattering on the terrace of the brasserie where we ate. In NL we were apparently already starting to get used to it. Wouter who met us at the railway station in Delft, super cosy, seemed to find it almost colder than we did. We walked home together and had another cup of tea. Oh yes, that’s how it went, together at the kitchen table. Lovely! The dinner for Maartens graduation with both boys and their girls and all four grandparents, felt so rich.

Getting used to the multitude of things, though. That huge closet of clothes to choose from almost caused stress. And caring for the house and all the supplies in it turns out to require a lot of attention not only in our memories. Repairing bicycles and garden benches, repotting plants, not bad at all, even fun to do, but we really didn’t miss it along the way. Not to mention the hustle and bustle in the super- or DIY market.

Before we left, my sister asked, “Why is it so necessary?” I replied, “it doesn’t have to, it seems nice to us”. Fine it certainly was. So long time to ourselves and each other. Searching for how much planning we need, want; when following the prompting of the moment is fine or not and, above all, how we manage together. The latter was almost always easy, natural and if not at least with space and time to explore why not. That was perhaps the most enjoyable thing of all. All the people we met, mountains we climbed, beautiful views we enjoyed, we carry with us and are a source of inspiration to make beautiful things and facilitate encounters and, above all, to trust our problem-solving ability. Writing this blog was a challenge and an inspiration at the same time. In any case, it helped me internalise what we were experiencing more. I used to take it upon myself to write so often before, but couldn’t get it done. Now that I have noticed how it helps me organise my thoughts and feelings (even when there are no big events to process), I resolve again to do it more often and more structurally.

In the near future, we will both be looking for a new work environment. We are looking forward to that too. The great thing is that that doesn’t feel like a break, but a continuation of our journey. I am curious to see what that will bring us. We want to see if we can shift our field of work a bit more. Would we manage to retain the calm, reflective and confidence in our problem-solving abilities that we gained along the way? How will that come in handy in a new job? It is not a landslide, rather small sharpenings of who we always were. In the words of Imme Dross: Every journey is a diversion to here.

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