Home sweet home

And then ‘suddenly’ we were back home. However long the journey took and however aware we were of it, it was still ‘suddenly’ a different world. Transferring in Paris was chilly, all the rugby supporters were chattering on the terrace of the brasserie where we ate. In NL we were apparently already starting to get Home sweet home

Seville and Cordoba

When we arrived in Seville, we realised that we hadn’t taken a guided tour since Gdansk and that, possibly because of this, we hadn’t learned as much as we could have in places like Bilbao and Porto. So we signed up for another one of those free tours where you show your appreciation afterwards by Seville and Cordoba

The cycle route

Here is an overview of the total route we covered by bicycle.


And then suddenly we were done cycling! We were still toying with the idea of cycling on to Cordoba, but taking the tandem on the train proves even more difficult in Spain than in France, if possible. In the end, we are going to need 3 days to get from Seville to Alicante and the Andalusia

GR route

Actually, we had planned to now tell about the vast plains with cork oaks. And then of the plantations of olive trees. About the desert-like plains that came after that. But yesterday afternoon’s events have pushed all that into the background. What got us into such a mess? That when one hesitated the other was GR route