Suddenly we were among them: black tree stumps, often still with crown, but dead. Young plants on the ground indicate the fire was some time ago. The surroundings look bare: few tall trees. If there was forest here, it is gone now. A little further on new planting does take place, again eucalyptus, haven’t they Flora


In Porto, we booked our train journey back to NL. On October 15th, we take the train from Barcelona to Rotterdam – so the end of this amazing journey is now really in sight. Almost at the same time, Geertrui, my sister, asked what it’s like to be together for 7 months. she adds: although Collaboration

Buen Camino

The day after the night before – we had a cosy dinner together in town and drank 1 glass of which Tessel immediately got a leather tongue – we are woken up by Kasper coming to return the powerbank. Kasper & co are almost ready to leave at 8 am. We have yet to start Buen Camino

Mini retreat

After our thunderstorm adventure in A Fonsagrada, we spent a night in Lugo in an AirBnB where we heard a brief heavy shower come over. For today, thunderstorms are in the forecast again. We don’t know what to expect from it. What are the options really? In Sobrado there is a Cistercian monastery that receives Mini retreat

Through Asturias

There are sometimes days when you really like it all and are having a great time, but have no idea what to put about it in your blog. There are also days when you see and experience more than you can put down. We’ve been having the latter the last few days. So you’ll have Through Asturias


The weather forecast for the weekend was very bad with rain and thunderstorms all day on both Saturday and Sunday. We decided to deviate from the route and cycle to León and get a flat there. The closer we got to León, the more hikers we saw (heading in the same direction). Apparently, the “Caminio” Leon

Skinny dipping

Oscar is our planner. This time he has been studying the upcoming stages for a few days. After 35km we can do some shopping and/or camping after that there is 95km of nothing. We are therefore thinking of 2 stages of 65km, each with about 800 altimeters and a night of wild camping in between. Skinny dipping

The Spanish land

My image of northern Spain consisted of a combination of hills, dry, sunny and hot. To be fair, I knew it could also be quite spooky on the north coast in August, but I didn’t want that and I didn’t imagine much more. Now here, the landscape and weather turn out to be hugely varied. The Spanish land