sorry friends, a Dutch poem is very hard to translate:

Mountains, rivers, waterfalls.
Lakes, fjords, streams.
Clouds, fog, gusts of rain.
Wet suit.

Slope 5, 6, 7%.
8, 9 sometimes 10.
Warms, heats.
Hot sweat.

Splash, splash, shoes wet.
Waterproof socks.

Tunnel, button, lights on.
Steer steady, concentration.
Shadow carousel.
Deafening disorientation.
Light, sigh, relief.

Snacking, eating, drinking.
Warm, drier.
Get up, go.

Tent, tarp, shelter.
proud, happy, tough.
Enjoying, enjoyed, satisfied.

Push, push, push, waterfall.
Push, push, waterfall.
Push, waterfall.

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