We can't afford to be without it. So we almost always cycle around with food for that evening in the bag and also 1 or 2 emergency meals; a mix of grains and dried vegetables and fruits to which you only have to add water. Often we also have a bag of soup with us. Usually there is a restaurant pasta or rice where you can spice up that soup.

You know what's available where you start in the morning and not what you think you can get where you think you'll end up (not to mention whether you end there). That is why the evening meal is usually purchased in the morning.

What we really don't want to be without is bread. That too is purchased when in doubt, so we often have to make do with older bread. which is sometimes reason to eat soup in the evening. A bar or cake for a snack or in case of imminent hunger blow should definitely also be in the handlebar bag. At a good bakery we buy a tasty baking as an alternative to this.

It always takes us a while to discover how the food supply in a country is arranged. Greece is still quite similar to the Netherlands, we discovered: almost every supermarket has enough of everything to provide us. The AB (b)just looks like an Albert Heijn. With the exact same pan sets that you can save 😉

Albania, however, is very different. There are an incredible number of stalls, shops, mini markets, etcetera. In the better populated areas sometimes something every 50 meters. For all, the range is limited and more or less identical to the neighbors. Many are mainly a fruit and vegetable stall, which we really appreciate. Others are mainly a kind of kiosk where you can get fresh and pretzels. The "… markets" (usually mini) generally do not have fresh goods; There you can go again for your pasta, rice, olive oil, etcetera. And for non-food matters. But we have not been able to find scissors today, despite frantic attempts. You can get bread here from a bakery, which there are plenty of them, but many markets have some meat and dairy. The last few days we also see many butchers, sometimes in very obscure boxes.

Anyway, when we are not cycling, scavenging food is the main activity until we set up the tent. And once it's in place? Preparing food! And eat it, of course. And then go to bed and read the book, because it is still dark early and it cools down quickly.

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