History lesson

Upon arrival at camping Moskato we noticed that we were greeted in Greek.

Since then we have been having a conversation with the father of the family about the history of this region for 2 days. Not a simple cost with leaps in time that do not make it clearer. He talks about the gate language(s) where he clearly believes that the Greek origin has more meaning than the current Albanian line. It was Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Turkish. There were also Venetians and undoubtedly others. He was talking about maybe 2 Alexanders, 1 of them the Great One. Later, the origin of the red flag with the two-headed eagle was also discussed. Also a complicated story, but we think we understand that the two-headed eagle comes from the Byzantine flag that is now used by the Orthodox Church. He also referred to Putin and the Russian patriarch, but the context of that escapes us.

He later claimed that the first president of Argentina was from his village and showed a wiki page as proof, but it said that the man was born in Argentina. Then it was his grandfather who came from here… nice story that given the similarity in color of the Greek and Argentine flags could also be plausible as well.

In the meantime, we have read Wikipediaand seen that they have such an eventful history that it is no wonder that we cannot grasp it all at once.

The village drinkwater supply

In the landscape we have seen little of the history except the one-man bunkers that were made after WWII by Prime Minister Enver Hoxha, and the enormous amount of construction activities, but we have not yet gotten around to discussing that with our host.

In the meantime, we did loquats – fruit from the garden- of which I will try to cook marmelade together with one of the many lemons we received.

The kindness of the Albanians, for which they were so praised in advance, seems to me to be more than proven.

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