Albania 1

At the border a real passport control! No stamp; apparently communism is far gone. Just behind customs an obscure exchange booth. No information regarding the rate; you just have to trust it….

Together with Julie Anne and Vincent we cycle the first kilometers through Albania. The landscape is rugged and empty.

At regular intervals on the left a beautiful view of Corfu.

In Mursi we end up on a field in the middle of the village. A man who was feeding his chickens gestured that we could get water on the other site of the building. He turned out to be the owner of a café with an outdoor toilet. Water bag filled (for washing and cooking, not drinking directly) and back to set up the tent knowing that we at least have a toilet at our disposal (squat toilet/ hole in the ground). During the building of the tents, the field filled with youth (5 to 16 years old) to play football, but more accurately to stare at us and try their 2 words of English. So far for the plan to wash in swimsuit under the camping shower…. Julie Anne and Vincent stood a little further away and were spared the worst.However, a boy of about 12 years old suddenly stood in the tent: ‘hey bro, cigarette?’

After dinner, most of them had left and we went to the café for a mug of Albanian tea (with fresh lemon and sugar; delicious!) and exchanged experiences and plans until we got rosy. The lady of the house picked a lemon for each of us through the open window. A super end to our first day in Albania.

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