Greek Roads 3

Camel trophy

In the '80s, you had that. A kind of competition in which the participants had to trek through the jungle in a land rover and all kinds of difficulties victories, such as cutting down trees to lay over a river and driving your car over it to get to the other side. Or get your car stuck in the mud going again with all the means at your disposal.

I was reminded of that when our snail sank over the edge of the rim in the mud and then our shoes just as deep because we were forced to get off by it. What followed was a whine, pushing and pulling to get him back on solid ground. Of course, it was mostly uphill. The road had clearly been more of a river than a road that morning. Large pieces had been washed away and others turned into deep mud pools. That mud stuck great to the tires, brakes and fenders. Rolling became more and more difficult and after a while they stopped doing that and it became a fight between slipping our feet and slipping forward the tires. .

Once upstairs, we removed the worst mud with sticks and Tessel took a few photos of the last piece to give an impression:

The day had started defiantly anyway. We knew rain and maybe thunderstorms were coming and got up early to pack up before the shower. That just worked; A few splashes on the tent and Tarp was everything. Then the rear tire turned out to be flat… under the roof of the terrace bicycle turned upside down. The leak from a few days ago turned out to be a crack that came out from under the adhesive; tire written off and thus disassemble half the bike.

Yet it was only 10 o'clock when we cycled away. When we parked at a bakery in the village to buy bread, the mood really erupted. We ordered tea and a nice sandwich to eat under the roof of the bakery.

The shower continued and firm with strong thunderstorms. After a while we decided to sit in the chic tent across the street (inside). Coffee became lunch and when it was finally dry and we actually left it was half past one.

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