Greek roads (2)

The next morning we cycle past a village after a few kilometers. Just at the intersection where you can turn off to the village is a waste container. While we are putting our bag of garbage in it, a man on a moped arrives and drives into the grounds of the house opposite the intersection. With him we can refill our water bottles. It's fine like that! Otherwise we would have had to cycle into the village to see if we could find someone who could give us water; We didn't have enough to get through the whole day.

The main road climbs with a small 5% with an arch around the village. At the top, the main road turns right, but our route turns left into a narrow road that becomes unpaved after the next bend. We check the map and see that it really leads somewhere and is not much climbing anymore. We are proceeding cautiously. A little further there is a village with an abandoned taberna and a spring. Here we have to go up a little bit by 15% (really our limit!) and then we are at the highest point of these 2 days (we conclude later). The road continues unpaved and goes down more and more steeply. It looks like the bottom of a dry riverbed so many grooves and potholes run there! Fortunately, we have 4 brakes! In good cooperation we control our speed. Mountain biking on a tandem with packing!

Just when we get back on asphalt there is a shepherd who has 1 dog out of his control. He barks with us for maybe a mile before we get rid of him too…

Slowly descending, so with some climbing every now and then, we cover the next 25km or so. Then we turn a corner and see the sea in the distance!

At a suitable spot we have lunch with this view after which we descend the last part. There is even a bakery open this Sunday so that we can replenish our bread supply. However, the campsite is closed; season or permanent is not clear to us. 25km away we end up between the campers at a "campsite" on the beach: not a managed campsite, but a place where overnight stays are allowed. We shower in the heavy surf and eat an emergency meal for the first time. There's a whole bunch of stray dogs here, but they're actually very sweet when they notice you're staying, but that's a whole other story…

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