our lucky day?

Yesterday we left Athens. Via Salamina (so 2x with a pound) to Kineta where the campsite manager was kind enough to open the campsite for us. We cooked and ate very idilian on the beach.

cooking food on our private beach

Today we are only going to go a short distance (25km) because the stage after that will be either very busy in terms of traffic or a lot of climbing.
After a few kilometers, the sun comes through. We cycle along the coast. Life is good. We find a baker who is also kind enough to explain to us how we wish someone a pleasant day (too difficult to pronounce, let alone remember) and to offer us an alternative: ‘kali mera’ – good day- everyone also understands.

A little further we drive through a sleeping village. We are greeted as usual by the wild dogs. Three this time. One is even more fanatical than the others. We feel something pulling on the bike and then they drop out.’it hung in the bags’ I say. “Let’s see?” ‘Rather a little further away’. Shit, there are 2 shopping hooks in the tent bag. Further investigations later.

Just after another stop at a supermarket, we notice a runner. When I look back, I see the rear tire collapse. Flat tire. Stick it and have lunch.
After another 5 km there is a campsite. Unfortunately, this time not a benevolent administrator. “Campsites won’t open until April 1, ma’am. ‘
We have a drink on the terrace of the adjacent ‘restaurant’. We hear the thunder in the distance. We can set up the tent on the 2 m wide strip of ‘green’ next to the terrace. Very nice. The tent seems to have survived this morning’s doggy greetings.

Our tent just fits
It is difficult to keep it dry

We can sit by the fire until it is time to eat (nice because it has cooled down considerably).

Real greek cosiness, but wonderfully warm

Together we look at the images of the terrible train disaster of the day before yesterday. More than 40 passengers, mostly students, were killed in a head-on collision between a freight and a passenger train. It makes us feel humble. We’re fortunate in so many ways.

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