Ash-Monday and Tuesday???

In Greece, the religious year is a week behind the Dutch one and moreover carnival lasts 3 weeks! and ends with a bank holiday on the occasion of Ash Monday. Reason why we could only pick up our snail on Tuesday and a good reason for us to go out for dinner on Monday.
Immediately upon arrival we were asked if we knew it was ash-Monday -yes-so-. Therefore, there was no meat or fish, only seefood. Poor Oscar. Although… A little later it turned out that there were also a few extra dishes: a delicious bean salad and traditional squid in spinach and had we already tasted the specialty of the house – zucchini balls? In short: we had a true feastmeal.

A super introduction to picking up the snail today. By metro, train and bus to Aspropirgos and then another 10 min walk. At the very end of a somewhat run-down business park we found a fairly neat shed with a proud black dog. Oops.
We hesitated, but stepped inside to.
Raised eyebrows: ‘What are you doing her?’ oh the banana people. Yes, the banana boxes. And that long box there…..
Oops 2: our snail was standing it’s on its forfork. It then almost got turned upside down as well; That would do not harm?! But if we wanted he could also turn it the other way around.
Did we want to put it together in the hall?
The dog turned out to smell a little, but otherwise was very sweet and the snail was almost completely undammaged apart from the cap of the headlight that it had been standing on the entire trip.

So back to Athens.

Bello(?) keeps watch
How can it be done again?
Ready to go

Soon we will really experience it, but the first kilometers into the city went on large throughways. Normally we wouldn’t like that, but the Greeks all seem very friendly: they keep their distance, remind each other to leave room for us, honk softly when we risk losing the herring bag, etc.
We are confident for what lies ahead.

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