The foundation

Yesterday we visited the Acropolis. It was mighty to imagine what Athens looked like about 500 BC during the walk up the hill. Following the last words of Socrates, we stopped at the temple of Asklepios to send the grandmother of D extra courage in the absence of a rooster.

Remains of the temple of Asklepios

Coming up to the Pantheon you have a beautiful view of the city. The walk we took the day before yesterday looked very cool from here.

In addition, we met an American teacher who told a long and passionate story about the history of the ancient Greeks, the Pantheon and, perhaps most importantly, asked why his class was there. He had several answers to choose from:

– because you had heard about it so many times that it had to be important

– because you now wanted to see for yourself that it really exists

– because it is a school trip and therefore mandatory

but above all he wanted to remind us that in Athens the foundations of democracy and society as we know it today were laid. A phrase that was easily uttered, but today at Aristotle’s lyceum (the first impetus for a university as we know it today) continued to haunt my mind. So long ago, so much built and killed, so many human lives, so many ideas and ideals beyond. So impressive how developed Greek society was back then.

P.S. Pick up our snail tomorrow.

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