A good start…..

The A20 is closed near Rotterdam, public transport Is on strike. Wouter drives us via Utrecht to Eindhoven. On time there, even found a free charging station. One last cup of tea with the three of us and then goodbye for a while. The security systems went of on the mandarins we brought with us. Funny. Smooth boarding and just as everyone sits, the message comes that the airport is closed for security reasons…. It’s 3:15 p.m.

After a while we find a report on the internet that a plane with a bomb threat has been set aside on the military part. Once in a while, the captain reports that it is not yet known when the airport will reopen. Time passes, everyone remains patient. Glasses of water are distributed. Even the children on board behave in an exemplary manner. After about 3 hours it becomes clear that we can go soon. We have a new flight plan and also because the APU has been supplying us with power all this time, some more refueling is being done. When the redemptive word comes that we can go, a few people are not in a hurry to sit down and a stuardes gets a bit impatient, but then we really go…. It is 19:15 and 3 hours flight and oh yes, in Greece it is an hour later.

When we get out of the terminal in Athens at 23:30, we find an hour or more by public transport a bit too long. We take a taxi.

Panorama view to the entrance of our apartment
Check-in instructions: You take the keys to the apartment from a grey/black key box located to the right of the main entrance of the building and hanging from the black window bars. Use the code you see above and hold down the small black button, pull the small door of the key box to your side to open the box and retrieve the keys.

At the apartment we read again the somewhat cryptic description about how we can enter. That gives us the feeling of being in a kind of reverse escape room. After looking around the area more widely, we find a kind of padlock with numerical code on a lattice next to the front door of the neighbors. It’s dark (escape room!), so while I’m showing Tessel up with my phone, she sets the code. No click. Further reading in the description: something with button and door. Tessel fidgets a bit and a hatch flips open. A key set! Let’s try! The key fits on the front door; We’re in! FF arrive at the apartment. At 1:15am we plop into bed…

The next morning we find a key box on the other side of the front door (do you see it in the photo on the left above?), this one on a gate. Fortunately, we overlooked 😉 it earlier.

Here it hangs!

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