Our snail ready for departure

We had been arguing for a while: should the bike be in a box or would we protect em with cardboard? In other words, are we going to transport the bicycle on the wheels or not? I was afraid of everything that can pry when the bike is on the wheels, Oscar for how we would get the whole thing in a box and especially for the stiffness of a composite box.
Oscar has already picked up 2 boxes at the bicycle repair shop. They cost € 7.50 per box. Not super much but still a shame to forfeit them. The bottom can always be removed so first we try to operate the boxes in such a way that together they become 1 box / the bike can be put in the box.
We make a short box where the bottom is out over the length of overlap (about 50cm) and a long box where only the back is opened. We have taped the top of both of them that the bicycle repair shop opened earlier.
Oscar already has the saddles, pedals and handlebars off when I join. He tied the handlebars crosswise – note to self: next time protection in between. The bike looks pathetic.

Then the test can begin. Front tire empty, brake pads disassembled, carefully the wheel out. The wheel can be tied up against the middle of the frame (not too tight, otherwise the spokes will become crooked)
then the front first goes into the long box. The front axle gets stuck in the cardboard – note to self: removing ashes from the front wheel. But the other way around: short box in front and then the long box behind; After all, the rear wheel rolls: that helps.

For a moment we have to help to get the boxes over each other and then it's done. A strap around it and the whole thing is super sturdy.

This will work!
Another step taken.
Next time remember which brake pads belong in which position and never tinker above a grille!! 😁
Athens: we're coming!

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