The foundation

Yesterday we visited the Acropolis. It was mighty to imagine what Athens looked like about 500 BC during the walk up the hill. Following the last words of Socrates, we stopped at the temple of Asklepios to send the grandmother of D extra courage in the absence of a rooster. Coming up to the Pantheon The foundation

A good start…..

The A20 is closed near Rotterdam, public transport Is on strike. Wouter drives us via Utrecht to Eindhoven. On time there, even found a free charging station. One last cup of tea with the three of us and then goodbye for a while. The security systems went of on the mandarins we brought with us. A good start…..

En route!

This morning we delivered our tandem and luggage to Ziegler, the transporter. It's like taking your child to daycare for the first time. 5 boxes of bags, 40 kilos, that's what we're going to do with in the next 8 months. Leaving tonight is Wednesday in Greece😱

Our snail ready for departure

We had been arguing for a while: should the bike be in a box or would we protect em with cardboard? In other words, are we going to transport the bicycle on the wheels or not? I was afraid of everything that can pry when the bike is on the wheels, Oscar for how we Our snail ready for departure