It took a while after the renovation of the bike before we had a hole in the agenda in which we could go to South Limburg again, but today was the day. It rained all week, so we doubted until the last if we wanted to. Last night I had year club food (New Year's dinner, so very extensive) and Tessel still had some work to finish for Monday and did that last night … Until 1am, waiting for me with the intention of discussing the plans for today. Eventually she went to sleep, because I didn't get home until 2:30. I thought "if Tessel has decided to go then I admonish myself", because we had thought of taking the train from 7:30 to make a nice long day through the Limburg hills. Let Tessel have thought the same, but with me as the action holder 😁.

At half past eight we woke up. Extensively studied various weather apps and then decided to go anyway. The bags were already ready, so have a quick breakfast and prepare some bread to take away. When we were finished already too late for the train of half past nine. Quietly we took another cup of tea and then we made sure we were on the platform at nine o'clock.

Train delayed and cancelled 😟 a little later. Fortunately, the one from half past ten went well, otherwise we would have cancelled the whole plan. Now we were in Heerlen at 12 o'clock. Along the same route as on December 27 we cycled to Gulpen. On the first descent we had such a headwind that we did not get above 30km/h. The second went better. 25 – 30 – 35 – Tessel read the counter reading – 40 – 45 – we dove together a bit to improve the aerodynamics: 50 and even 53km/h! (Not our ambition) Tessel no longer dared to look, but: no vibrations!

It took a while but 2 slopes further we actually started to rely on it, what a different feeling when the bike remains stable!

In Gulpen we drank tea and ate toasted sandwiches. Tessel had some problems with her knee and the headwind was strong and fresh, so we decided to go back to Heerlen for the wind; via Wijlre: only 1x up and then descend nicely into Heerlen.

No splash of rain and again wonderfully cycled in a beautiful environment!

On February 16th we will hand in the bike to the transporter and on February 24th we will fly to Athens. It is still unclear whether we can pick up the bike on Monday 27 February or only on Tuesday 28, because there could be a "bank holiday". Hopefully we'll hear next week. We now have the apartment until Tuesday, so if the tandem can't be picked up on Monday then we have to try to extend it for a day….

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