A final test drive

Almost 2023 our departure date is getting closer and closer. Oscar's job is already complete. I still have 6 weeks to go. In the meantime, we're fiddling around a bit. My parents are going through rough times and need a lot of support and where we can we do our bit for Oscar's parents. Fortunately, the report about my health turned out to be a false alarm. The frames of our own house turned out to need major maintenance up to 2 times, the joints suddenly fall out of the shower, a wall in the kitchen asks for repair and one of the drawers of the freezer suddenly broke in two. And we're not even talking about all the tasks and tasks that we had planned. Major cleaning, emptying rooms for rent, finding tenants, planning the transport of the tandem, translating the website into English (anyone have a tip?) and testing the equipment one last time. We're going to do the latter today. This morning I packed everything (Oscar actually) and took the train to Heerlen to test in the Limburg hilly landscape whether the last adjustments Kasper made to the tandem really delivered what we hope for. We are not going camping (too cold) but have packed the bike to do a real test. 🤞 that my knee pulls it. 2 weeks after I fell it I can now almost walk again, but knee bending and transverse movements hurt viciously. Also, sleeping is only good for a few hours a night. Fortunately, cycling only hurts the first few hundred meters. My thesis is that exercise helps.

Val Dieu we're coming!

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