Es – Car – Go!

Es – car – go' we have said thousands of times to synchronize the moment of boarding. But now it's really going to happen. Let's go!

Last week I quit my job and Oscar reached agreement 2 weeks ago on a voluntary departure scheme. Nothing stands in our way anymore. At the end of February we leave to cycle through Europe for 8 months.

What a step. Such a cool plan. A dream that after years of cherishing is now becoming reality. It feels like a huge gift we give ourselves and each other.

And then the reactions to work: all equally heartwarming and stimulating. also such a gift. I would almost start to doubt – not really of course -.

We now think we start in Athens or in southern Spain? (we also weigh and weigh a bit because we have not yet completed the transport for the tandem) from there to the north to Scandinavia and when the warmest weather is over back to the south. But above all, we are going to let ourselves be guided by what comes our way.

Almost all of our free time is spent preparing, making plans and dreaming what it will be like. I can hardly wait the time can't go fast enough and at the same time passes too fast. It doesn't matter because we're going.

ES – CAR – GO!

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