New mats

We were quite satisfied with the thermarest neo air mats (on the left hand side picture below), even though they weighed 850 grams each. And then we bought a new tent…. And it's tapered at the foot end. As a result, the mats no longer fit there. During the trial weekend with this tent we had to put part of the foot end of one mat over that of the other.

So buy others? We go to the Bever (now in Leidschendam ;(). There endless mats inspected and tested. We weighed and weighed and finally chose, didn't we?

Once home, we realized that the one from Neo air also had a nice R-value and creaked much less. It turned out that the Beaver didn't sell the combination we wanted… After some searching we came to the Belgian Basecamp and it had exactly 1 copy of each.

We bought 1 rectangular one of 64cm wide for Oscar and 1 that tapers and at the shoulders is 55cm wide for Tessel. All in all, we are now also about 700 grams lighter.

Tessel again made straps to make them together. As you can see in the picture, they are now more important for comfort, especially at the feet. Now another trial sleep… Want to go winter camping? If we do, we will definitely report it in the blog!

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