Back home

We have been home for over a week. It's crazy how those last stages immediately fade into the background. I can still see the cows in the Grote Peel very clearly in front of me and we still had 2 very nice campsites with nice encounters, but it is no longer a story. Overshadowed by the issues of the day?

fortunately, these cows are in the Grote Peel that escaped the flames of last week.

Mind you, it was wonderful to come home and catch up with Wouter about the journey he and Arjen made. We went out to dinner together where we were completely forgotten and therefore had all the time.

I also like the rhythm of the weekly visit to my parents, with a walk next to the walker and further between the books and the newspaper. I have been fascinated for days by an article I read in the NRC about the Read my World festival.

Making new perspectives so beautifully concrete.

In the meantime, everything has been washed and cleaned up unpacked. Lists made of what still needs addition new covers made all bags and purses repaired. Even the first week of work is over. It takes some getting used to the fence that this entails, but also nice to see everyone. Nothing is as inspiring as a new colleague and we both had one this week.

The only thing that surprises me is how stiff I get up in the morning. I thought it was because of that mat, but our super luxurious wonderful soft bed may appeal to the muscles even less.

Today Saturday, so soon back on the bike.

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