Es – Car – Go!

Es – car – go' we have said thousands of times to synchronize the moment of boarding. But now it's really going to happen. Let's go! Last week I quit my job and Oscar reached agreement 2 weeks ago on a voluntary departure scheme. Nothing stands in our way anymore. At the end of February Es – Car – Go!

New mats

We were quite satisfied with the thermarest neo air mats (on the left hand side picture below), even though they weighed 850 grams each. And then we bought a new tent…. And it's tapered at the foot end. As a result, the mats no longer fit there. During the trial weekend with this tent we New mats

Back home

We have been home for over a week. It's crazy how those last stages immediately fade into the background. I can still see the cows in the Grote Peel very clearly in front of me and we still had 2 very nice campsites with nice encounters, but it is no longer a story. Overshadowed by Back home