Just radio silence on our part. The past few days we cycled through the heart of the Belgian Ardennes. The Ardennes lived up to their name this year.

Early morning fog or is there more going on here?

No significant rain this time, but the first cool and humid nights, but especially tough climbs and a beautiful landscape that speaks to the imagination (and little range). I say tough climbs, but when I check the profiles in Strava on it, I see a descending line (you get that when you drive from south to north). But that descent is much faster than the kimmen huh?!

The advantage of the slow climbing is that you have plenty of time to look at the landscape. For me that led on the 2nd day to the most wild fantasies about a giant who, in transit from here and there (iig around the corner at camping le moulin de bestain) had thrown over a rock so that it now stuck up at right angles to the slope and a little further trolls occupied a slope to fight the gnomes who were working at the bottom of the slope under the ferns (eg to brew the la chouffe beer that is sold a little further away) and how the trees and fairies play a connecting role in this. I was enjoying the fat until I heard Oscar puffing and supporting and thought I should pedal harder, but did that really make any difference?

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