Tent and tarp

Once there were four of us, we had to find a bigger tent. It became a 4-person tunnel tent. We bought a tarp with it. A tunnel or dome tent always has an opening that exposes part of the awning to any rain. A tarp not only covers that opening, but also gives some extra dry space for that opening. How many times did one of us sit there cooking sitting on an isolation mat with the fire just on the border from where you can get wet? In any case, we associate the sound of rain on tent canvas with cycling holidays 😉.

Currently we are still traveling with the Nordisk Norheim which we have had for I don't know how long. However, he is completely exhausted. Fortunately still waterproof, but the zipper of the outside door does not work well anymore and as you may have already read, we have now had to renew all the poles. In the inner tent, the sealing edge let go in a few places and the reinforcements of the ventilation openings protruded outwards. We have remedied the latter with duck tape and a sewing machine, but they still sting and we are afraid that we will leak the outer cloth once.

So this spring we decided that we wanted a new tent for our big trip. We researched different models of different brands and finally came up with the Nordisk Opheim. The 3 is slightly larger than our current tent and the 2 slightly smaller. In the end, because of the weight, we chose the 2 and also the ultra light. At Pentecost we went around with it for 4 days and he liked it. Because we knew that the tent would be in the sun for a week this summer and knowing that such a thing is bad for the canvas, we decided that this summer is the last of the old Norheim.

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