(wild) camping

We love camping, but I don't necessarily like campsites. On campsites there are, especially in the main season, so many people. Huh, what do I say? I'm always looking to interact with other people and now suddenly I'm not? That requires a bit of self-examination, but more about that another time. Now the camping jitter.

I like to have a chat, to hear where other people come from/go. I can also have a lot of fun telling our own story, but… on the campsites in this area, there are so many Dutch people. And… the disadvantage of Dutch fellow campers is that you understand them if they make a comment with every movement we make: 'Jan also uses such a headlight because the light in his E-reader is broken' (in a tone as if he is completely crazy). 'If my E-reader broke down, I would immediately order a new one on bol.com.' or: 'I would also like to go on a cycling holiday, but with a bit of luxury.' Or: 'what do they use for a cooking device?' etc

That's why I've been nagging Oscar for a while that I would like to camp wild (which is not allowed here in France). But to be honest: when we couldn't find a campsite last week and ended up on something that according to the map was a campsite (effectively a sports field), that was also exciting and we perhaps felt even more watched. And in Givry and Argonne there were a large campsite with only 2 or 3 others so we had a whole field for ourselves. And yesterday we arrived at a campsite that is in theory super, but where the reception was so grumpy that we had trouble enjoying it, but now that we have built our camp and we also seem to be able to withstand a shower, it is completely good again. In short: it is between the ears / important to keep an open mind. And: it's nice to have options if the route gets too long or heavy. When we are at home, we are looking for water purification options. I keep myself recommended for good tips and experiences.

Our camp in Lescheret

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