Argonne and Ardennes (3)

We cycle to the border with Belgium. Then we see this old border post, which makes us burst out laughing. We feel sorry for the officials who had to guard the border here.

Just across the border is the monastery of Orval. The name seems familiar, probably because of the beer that is brewed here. The origin of the monastery lies in the 11th century, but it has also been destroyed several times. In addition to the ruins of the medieval monastery, something new was built in the 18th century, which was then destroyed during the French Revolution. The current buildings have been placed on those foundations since 1926 in a modern, kind of Art-deco style. Too bad that part is not accessible…

Behind the abbey it goes up steeply. Miles long (or it just seems that way) 10% or even a little more. This repeats itself a number of times today. Now we know for sure that we are in the Ardennes! 63km is really on the border of the fine. Next stage we hope to keep a bit shorter. First a rest day.

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