Since we were during our first cycling holiday in a place with few facilities through our camping gas and we ate cold for 3 days, we cook with a petrol burner. We use an MSR Dragonfy, which lives up to its name 😉. If we leave a campsite early, we hardly dare to make tea for fear that we will wake up the children 100m away.

We also have a whisperlight, which is a lot quieter, but whose power can only be controlled with the tap on the bottle. With our bottle, that actually means "on or off". The Dragonfly, on the other hand, has a crane on the burner that is easily adjustable. You just have to open it very far for maximum power and we have the idea that it still takes much longer to get the tea water to boil.

In the end, the controllability was the deciding factor, because we were a bit done with the pan after every meal.

We have been using stainless steel pans (set of 2) for a few years now. Here too, the less chipping was the deciding factor: they burn less quickly and are easier to get clean again (our scratcher / pan licker is also very helpful with that) Stainless steel has become a bit of our thing anyway; we use double-walled stainless steel cups and the new tandem is also made of stainless steel.

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