Rivers draw the landscape. If you cycle past it, it's kind of flat. Although it can still go up and down quite a bit. Depending on the flow and cycling direction, you gradually rise or fall. If your direction is at odds with it, it becomes a different story…

Today we left the valley of the Yonne near Auxerre. More than half an hour of climbing with about 5% to get out. Piece of "flat" and then like a raging down. Cross the stream and then with a swing or 3 the Rohloff from his heaviest to his 2 or 3 and then climb again for a long time. Legs fill up; familiar phenomenon after a break. We don't do stairs above 35 anymore 😊. This repeats itself 2 more times and then an even longer climb and descent and then we are at the Serein (the others probably also have names, but are less "big"). Here we stay 2 nights. Both evenings we 'dip' in it in a place where it is worn out a bit deeper in the outer bend.

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