Another tent pole

Had we come up with such a good solution yesterday for the broken pole, tonight part of the same stick broke when setting up.
Ha, ha we thought: ‘we know that one’. Tessel routinely grabbed the tarp pole and also extracted a part of it. Just thread again and you’re done. Unfortunately….

The second part, and all the other parts, of the tarp pole have a constriction to fit into the next part and that piece is just too tight to fit over the tent pole. What now? The second tarp pole cannot be disassembled. Maybe we can only put up the inner tent, Oscar suggests. But the inner tent without an outer tent has no attachment that fits the poles and moreover, the middle arch is broken. But… maybe we can turn 2 arches into 1 arch and only tension the awning. Then the puzzle began: how do we make a stick of the right length? In the end, there was also a (too) short stick for the awning. Solved again.

Once finished, it turned out that we were once again a grateful spectacle. We received a nice compliment from our French neighbor who had apparently seen the whole story: ‘Vous paniquer pas’. Tomorrow to the Decathlon in Auxerre for a new pole.

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