The right question

This morning while packing in le Preau Oscar heard something crazy, but we didn't see anything that looked like a broken stick. So just keep going. We said goodbye to the group with a final breakfast together. Delicious again that breakfast buffet: muesli with up to 10 different additions, choice of I don't know how many types of yogurt or milk, fresh fruit, at least 3 types of juice, many types of cheese and crusty fresh bread etc etc.

Once on the bike I regretted it. So much goodness is just too much for the stomach. Fortunately, I found a rennie somewhere. Despite all of Oscar's attempts to think about the route together, I couldn't put my head down until our week of philosophizing was all over. As always, he had obviously thought it up well. Not immediately with luggage over two slopes of 13%, but with a small detour to Saint-Père where we also camped with the boys 20 years ago and canoed for a day. Even I recognized the place.

When setting up the tent, unfortunately, it turned out that we had a broken stick. Shoot, what now? the emergency repair piece that came with the new tent is neatly located with the rest of the new tent at home in the attic. It seemed like such a good idea to go with this slightly larger variant again. But musing about 'what could have been' doesn't help. Therefore, took the stick apart and moved the broken parts to the ends. On one side, this meant that the parts of the stick no longer slid together. Hopefully the pressure at the end of the stick would be so small that we could solve that with a duck tape. Actually, we knew better of course, but who doesn't dare who doesn't win. The neighbor came by if we could use his repair piece (intended for a Karsten tent and therefore too big). Very nice, but that is not going to stay put and probably not even through the tunnel in the tent canvas.

What then? We sighed deeply again until Tessel wondered aloud: 'What do we all have with us?' and immediately answered her own question with: 'the tarps sticks'. And yes, completely in the spirit of our week philosophizing (but a little different 😉) the right question turned out to lead to the solution. The upper part fit beautifully around the lame connection. We felt a lot. Now only find a stone to beat the pegs in. We both walked around until, oops, the tent with repaired pole and all, so into the water. Oscar is just in time to go after it. Fortunately, everything was still whole, but rarely did we feel 🤭 like such amateurs. Balance restored we will think.

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