Last mile

30km to go, but one big climb of 700 meters and further on a steep climb. At 10 o'clock the program we participate in starts. We usually charge with 10km per hour on average in the hills including stops, so we want to get on at 7 am. Quarter past 6 the alarm goes off. Last mile

Another 90km

It is 13 hours and well warm when we get off the train. First find the cycling clothes, wrap bags in the small piece of shade next to the station building. The platform master (?) comes by if we want to take the train? No, we're just arriving. You could almost feel his relief. The Another 90km

Train to the Morvan (3); France

After a pretty good night's sleep extra early to the station. Train would leave at 7:45, ticket sales open at 8:30. At machine ticket to Dijon to get so that's done. Train arrived well in time. Even before we can figure out where exactly we can put the bike in it, a conductor comes shouting Train to the Morvan (3); France

Train to the Morvan (2); Germany

Friday 29 July was the day. At 8 o'clock we boarded the train in Delft. Transfer in Eindhoven turned out to be the same platform; seas of time left. In Venlo, the lift to get off the platform turned out to be broken. No escalator. Take off the luggage, bring it down, carry the bike Train to the Morvan (2); Germany

A new tandem

Last year we cycled through the Eiffel precisely in the period that would end with the major floods there and in the Ardennes and Limburg. It was a nice trip, partly because we often found direction signs for cyclists that pointed in the direction we wanted to go. Those cycling routes were often on more A new tandem