Train to Morvan (1); plan and book the trip

We booked a week's course in the Morvan. Well in advance we call ns-internationaal to reserve a train ride. You can't get there all the way by train: there are no trains running through the Morvan. Soon after we report that we want to take a tandem with luggage, we find out that this is an impossibility. Or at least that at ns-internationaal they have no idea how that could be done. Last year we came back from Germany quite easily. Well, with a lot of regional trains and therefore a lot of transfers, but it went quite well and smoothly. That's how we came up with the idea to see if we could get to Mulhouse via Germany and from there on to, for example, Autun. With the help of the sites of the DB and the SNCF, that seemed feasible in about 1 1/2 days. The train from Dijon to Autun turned out to make a southern turn that also runs along Etang-sur-Arroux, which was even more favorable compared to where we had to be. Called the DB because buying tickets online was not possible. Just as we were out, Oscar's credit went up… Called Again with Tessel's phone and with another person again figured out what was possible. 1 train with reservation in it (also for the bike): the one of 1 hour from Duisburg to Mannheim. Unfortunately, she could not reserve the train from Mulheim to Mulhouse for us, but with an hour's transfer that seemed no problem. Just when we wanted to proceed to the payment, Tessel's credit was also used up 😩. Luckily the lady from the DB called back, chapeau! Tickets from Mulheim arranged. At NS-internationaal we bought 2 cycling tickets (reservation Germany we had also made for 2 bicycle spots just to be sure). Turns out that with international cycling tickets you can take the train during rush hour in the Netherlands. That is a windfall, because with a 5-minute transfer in Eindhoven and 7 in Venlo, it seemed quite a challenging schedule to catch the reserved train…. Now we can leave Delft an hour earlier and have a half hour transfer each time.

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