Broken chain – all lovely people

Last night (Saturday) there was a party in the village (Semur-en-Auxois). We go to the fireworks, in the evening of course. Afterwards, it was in the middle of course well dark, Oscar thought to take a faster route around the village than the main road. It was really dark and suddenly the road went up a lot of shiver. Switching to the pedals in a flash with full power was too much for the chain.

There we were, in the dark 4km from the campsite, no one to see. Walked up and just when we decided to park the bike against a lamppost and walk the rest "just" a car arrived. We wave and make gestures. Car stops. Friendly people; understood that we were at the campsite and the bike is broken. They lived a few meters away and we were allowed to park the bike in their garden. Then they took us by car to the campsite (at 12 o'clock at night!) . Quickly wrote down their address and crawled into the tent.

The next day the campsite manager asked if he knew where the chain and necessary repair stuff (not with us, stupid!) could be bought. Explained where the bike was now. We thought we were going to walk, but he didn't want to hear about it. He took us to the car to the super-super. It had a chain and a locking circuit, but no chain tool… He drove on to the next super and yes, we could also buy a tool there. What a windfall in a village without a bicycle repairman! Then he also took us to Isabel and Francois, where our bike was. There in the garden the chain repaired, coffee drunk, nice conversations.

As Dumbledore said, "Help is always offered to him who asks for it".

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